Email Phishing

V tomto kurzu se budete zabývat phishingem a phishingem spearů jak z pohledu útočníka, tak i příjemce. Uvidíte skutečné e-maily, pochopíte osvědčené postupy, phishingový software, útoky na odkazy, nastavení vlastní phishingové kampaně a další.

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Target Audience

  • Anyone willing to learn about phishing
  • Anyone who wants to understand how it is done and how to prevent it.
Target Audience

Aims of the course

  • Learn to suspect a phishing attack.
  • Learn proactive phishing techniques for protection.
  • Deploy specialized anti phishing solutions.

What is phishing?

Email Phishing is a social engineering attack where criminals send a spoofed email and asks for sensitive data. 

The recipient is tricked into clicking the malicious link which leads to malware installation or a ransomware attack. It is usually used as a method to gain access into corporate networks.

What is phishing?

What will you learn?

Learn different types of phishing attacks like spear phishing, email phishing and android phishing.

Understand how a phishing occurs by implementing it on your own.

Implement a phishing campaign to acquaint employees about such attacks.

Prepare countermeasures to avoid phishing attacks.

Learn to secure your organizational ecosystem and mitigate threats.

Learn to gather digital forensics that indicate spoofed mails.

Course content

In this course, we will learn about phishing and spear phishing from both an attacker’s point of view and from the receiving end. 

We will be looking at real-life phishing emails, best practices, some phishing software, link attacks, setting up our own phishing campaign, and more. This course will help you learn about this dangerous attack vector.

By the end of this course, you will understand how phishing (spear phishing) is crafted, researched, and executed. You will also learn to identify and avoid such attacks. This course can help you secure your IT ecosystems.

Course content

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