Python For Pentesters

Scripting is one of the essential skills that are required by every penetration tester as it significantly helps them to automate the task, write inhouse exploits, and to develop special scripts to discover security issues in the different layers. Many programming languages can be used by ethical hackers, but why Python?

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Target Audience

  • Pen testers
  • Security enthusiasts and network administrators who want to automate tasks in Python
  • Basic knowledge of Python is assumed
Target Audience

Course objectives

  • how to use the web application penetration testing methodology and toolkit
  • interact with web applications using Python and the Requests library
  • create HTTP brute forcer based on requests
  • create a password BruteForcer for Basic, NTLM, and Forms authentication 
  • perform endpoint penetration testing on victim machines
  • work through best practices for client penetration testing


You need basic Python coding skills and basic knowledge in cybersecurity and penetration testing to successfully complete it. You are welcome to take the course even if you do not meet the criteria, provided that you can get yourself on track on-the-go.



Python Setup and Components

Working with Python Network Recon Framework

The Python Spy: Web Recon

The Password Cracker: Working with Brute-Force Tools

Evade Anti-virus with Python

Python Forensics: Use Python Scripts for Network Investigation


Python For Pentesters

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