Licensed Penetration Tester | LPT (Master)

The Advanced Penetration Testing Course by EC-Council was created as the progression after the ECSA (Practical) to prepare those that want to challenge the Licensed Penetration Tester (Master) certification and be recognized as elite penetration testing professionals. Our training has been designed by the best in the industry and meant to push you to develop the kind of skill that you’ve been waiting to acquire.

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Target Group

This advanced penetration testing course prepares you for the LPT (Master) certification exam and covers the testing of modern infrastructures, operating systems and application environments. It also covers the process to document and prepare a professional penetration testing report. This course takes the Certified Ethical Hacker credential to the next level.

  • CIO, Security Manager
  • Network security & Site administrators
  • Computer Network Auditor (CNA), Analyst (CNA), Defence (CND)
  • Infrastructure Support, IS/IT Specialist & Managr, Forensic Analyst
Target Group

Knowledge Objectives

  • Provide tangible findings to stakeholders
  • Extend metasploit with custom modules and exploits
  • Earn the Licensed Penetration Tester (Master) certification
  • Exploit vulnerabilities in Operating systems such as Windows and Linux
  • Demonstrate a repeatable and measurable approach to Penetration Testing
  • Perform advanced techniques and attacks to identify SQL injection, Cross site scripting (XSS), LRI and RFI vulnerabilities in web apps.

LPT (Master)

We know that the only way to find out what you are made of is by testing you at the brink of exhaustion — which is why the LPT (Master) exam is 18 hours long!

Your pen testing skills will be challenged over three levels, each with three challenges, against a multi-layered network architecture with defense-in-depth controls. You will be required to make knowledgeable decisions under immense pressure at critical stages while selecting your approach and exploits.

LPT (Master)

The LPT (Master) Training Program: Advanced Penetration Testing Course

LPT (Master) training is not comfortable (and the exam is even worse!) , but filled with intense stress meant to illicit the best from you. Those who prevail will have developed an instinctual and intellectual response to real world penetration testing challenges.


The certification is valid for 2 years from the date of approval and members must then renew annually.

After the initial 2 years, members will have to renew their LPT (Master) license.

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