Wireless Pentesting

Wireless Pentesting with the Raspberry Pi. Attack on Wireless Networks by hackers is the most common threat to the businesses in modern world. This course will teach you how to protect your network by converting your raspberry pi into a low-cost hacking tool.

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Target Audience

  • Ethical hackers
  • Cyber security enthusiasts and professionals interested in using Raspberry pi for penetration testing
  • Security experts or novice Linux users who want to learn about Network and System Security
Target Audience

Course Objectives

  • Learn to test your network wireless security system
  • Build an extremely affordable tool to perform hacking
  • Learn network scanning, capturing data and cracking WPA/WPA2 with Kali Linux

Wireless Pentesting

Raspberry pi, a credit card sized computer chip can help you design open and well documented projects which are easy to build and modify. 

EC-Council’s Mobile Security Toolkit (Better known as the STORM!) is a fully-loaded pen-test platform which comes equipped with STORM Linux (a Raspbian based, customized distro of Linux equipped with the industry’s most popular hacking tools) loaded onto a portable touchscreen device.

This course will provide a practical experimentation of penetration hacking beginning with setting up Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi 3. Further, you’ll learn about various network scenarios such as wireless security and network scanning, thus helping you to detect real-time issues and capture sensitive data. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to turn your Pi 3 into a honeypot and will be able to detect that hackers are on your wire.

Wireless Pentesting

Learn how to protect your Wireless Network from potential hackers.

Discover the methods of WI-FI Hacking.

Explore various ways of malware analysis.

Learn EC-Council’s Mobile Security Toolkit, STORM!, a pen-test platform.

Learn to get Digital Signature through Live Memory Analysis.

Understand Wireless Intrusion Detection System.

Course details

  • online course
  • duration: 5 hours
  • provider: EC-Council
Course details

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