Are you looking for a methodology (way) to manage risk management? Try the world's most successful standard! Frequently asked questions and answers on the topic of Management of Risk, M_o_R methodology, certification and more.


Abbreviation for Management of Risk - a framework and a global standard for risk management. More detailed information on the Principles, Processes and Approach of M_o_R to risk management can be found in the section M_o_R - Methodology.

The standard is fully compatible with PRINCE2 project management, SME program management, MoP portfolio management, or ITIL.

  • Higher competitiveness.
  • More efficient use of resources.
  • Increasing the security of provided services.
  • More effective solutions to unplanned opportunities and threats.
  • Risk Management will help you successfully implement planned changes.
  • Reduction of fraud and misuse of information, protection of intellectual property.
  • A systematic approach to risk management: fewer "fires" and unexpected surprises.

It always depends on the circumstances. Organisations perceive risk as a threat or an opportunity. Risks have either a positive effect and the organisation gets richer or negative when it gets lost.

E.g., exchange rate of the Czech koruna: if it rises, it reduces the cost of purchases abroad in currency (opportunity). But for foreign importers, the growth of the koruna means a reduction in margins (negative risk).

With a prestigious MoR certificate, your CV will be more attractive than ever. Knowledge of Risk Management has become one of the best paid positions - see news. The methodology will give you confidence and the ability to manage risks in the project or the entire organisation - at the same time you will gain greater trust.

You will understand the very nature and extent of the risks facing your organisation. You will learn to eliminate risks and reduce their impact on the functioning of the organisation. With a pragmatic approach, you will create safer conditions for the realization of strategic goals, the launch of new services or products.

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