Business Simulation

Business simulation is an ideal way to master the methodology of ITIL, PRINCE2, DevOps, SCRUM and others. This is arguably the most effective way to translate theoretical knowledge into practice.

    Business Simulation


    I forget what I hear. I remember what I see. I understand what I try.

    The internationally accredited certification body and management academy TAYLLORCOX plans to invest in management games (business simulation), in order to support the acquired knowledge and show how to implement best practices.

    The results of the Forrester research show that managerial games need to be taken seriously. Simulations on practical examples are the most effective learning style.

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    Simulation objectives

    • Create new business opportunities with added value for your clients
    • Acquire advanced ways of managing change and achieving desired goals
    • Incorporate Business Simulation experience into existing and best practices
    • Break down ineffective work habits, learn to solve problems and methodically
    • Learn to use ITIL, ITSM, PRINCE2, SCRUM, DevOps methodologies to reduce costs and enhance quality
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    Experience-based learning

    We are convinced that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

    Each client has its specific dynamics, culture, management. We take all this and much more into account when tailoring the scenario to your needs, expectations and goals.

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    Learning new habits

    Methodologies such as ITIL, PRINCE2, DevOps, SCRUM and others have a big potential for measurable benefits for organizations.

    But it also means transforming and acquiring new habits. However, you can never get them in standard accredited courses. Their goal is to create basic knowledge on which to develop practical skills.

    žádná teorie, pouze praxe

    Simulation Roles

    It is advisable to involve all those who are part of the process chain or organizational division in the game environment. Each participant can play any role of CIO, project manager, etc.

    As a result, participants participate much better in the role, inputs and outputs they need. The whole team learns to interpret the theory into practice within the game levels. Everyone has a unique opportunity to use best practice to achieve goals and measurable results.

    business simulation


    It is practically impossible to complete individual levels successfully if you do not work together as a team, solve problems together, communicate and give each other feedback.

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    Management simulation games are highly interactive. According to the team's skills, there are changes at all levels, problems with capacity, schedule and unexpected events arise that need to be resolved.

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    Finding solution

    Your team will also address issues such as growing work demands and management requirements. Can you successfully address these issues and requirements?

    Facilitator/Trainer often plays the role of customer or business. This allows the team to better confront their attitudes, attitudes and behavior.

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