TOGAF® 9 Certification

This standard in the field of design and development of enterprise architecture offers 2 levels of certification. TOGAF Training Course: Foundation - L1 (L1) and TOGAF Training Course: Certified - L2 (L2). TOGAF Intro ™ is a managerial introduction without a certification exam. These certificates will increase your credibility and demonstrate professional knowledge for customers and employers.

    95 %average success rate

    TOGAF Training Course: Foundation - L1


    The main benefit of a certified TOGAF® EA Course : Foundation, which is often also presented as TOGAF® L1 is a certificate issued by the international organization The Open Group. 

    Graduates will receive an internationally accredited certificate confirming basic knowledge in the field of Enterprise Architecture (often referred to as enterprise architecture). 

    The training is focused on:

    • knowledge of terminology,
    • architecture structure and basic concepts of TOGAF
    • principles of Enterprise Architecture and benefits of TOGAF methodology

    Target group

    It is a basic certified course for managers who participate in any way in the corporate infrastructure. Who are among the most frequent graduates and do you belong to this category?

    • System architects who want to take advantage of the best of TOGAF
    • Managers looking for a standard in Enterprise Architecture;
    • Project managers; people responsible for the design, development, implementation and management of systems;

    What will you learn?

    Graduates are able to work on projects and hold positions where knowledge is required:

    • Enterprise Architecture;
    • TOGAF reference model 
    • EA terminology, standardization and concepts;
    • ADM cycle and goals in all stages, as well as customized ADM customization
    • How each ADM cycle contributes to the effective management of Enterprise Architecture;

    Certification exam

    Part of the accredited course is the opportunity to pass the official certification exam thanks to the connection of the accredited training course directly to the portal The Open Group. The certificate is issued by The Open Group to all graduates who meet the test criteria:

    • 40 questions / 60 min.
    • Closed book exam
    • Multiple choice format
    • Pass mark: 55% correct answers (22 questions out of 40)

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    TOGAF® EA Course : Practitioner


    The goal of the certified TOGAF® EA Course : Practitioner is a confirmation that L2 graduates are able to analyze, design and implement rules and recommendations valid for Enterprise Architecture.

    Target group

    The course is more than a Foundation focused on practical knowledge; In preparation for certification, you will deal mainly with case studies of design and optimization of corporate infrastructure. Who can recommend this course?

    • Architects who want to use TOGAF
    • Project managers responsible for enterprise architecture development;
    • Managers and other professionals looking for a framework for designing and implementing Enterprise Architecture.

    What will you learn?

    Graduates of this highest certification from The Open Group must demonstrate the ability to:
    • SOA as an architecture style;
    • Use of the TOGAF framework;
    • ADM vs. information security;
    • Working with the concept of "Building Blocks";
    • Use of ADM for Enterprise Architecture design;
    • The TOGAF reference model in case studies;
    • How to divide the EA to meet the managerial goals of the organization;
    • Apply methodology for the design and development of Enterprise Architecture;

    Certification Exam

    Before certification, it is necessary to prove with a valid TOGAF® EA Course : Practitioner certificate. Official certification exam thanks to the connection of an accredited training course directly to the portal The Open Group. The certificate is issued by The Open Group to all graduates. The test has the following parameters:

    • 8 questions / 90 minutes
    • Open book exam
    • Format: scenarios that need to be addressed using TOGAF.
    • Pass mark: 60% correct answers (24 points out of 40)

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    This TAYLLORCOX TOGAF® EA Course : Foundation and TOGAF® EA Course : Practitioner is accredited by The Open Group.


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