What is Change Management

Learn how to professionally manage change in your organization. Whatever the project and its goal, Change Management will make it easier for you to put change into practice and enable it to be implemented faster and more efficiently. Today, most managers are committed to implementing change in companies and organizations. You will learn in these courses what the processes, principles and phases of change are. Mastering the methodology for managing change and innovation is as important today as the ability to manage projects.

    What is Change Management

    What is Change Management

    Management of changes, innovations, risks, projects

    Change is sometimes necessary. If an organization wants to be competitive, it must respond to innovations in the market environment, trends in customer behavior and preferences, innovation in technology.

    And all changes, even positive ones, usually bring problems. It is often difficult to convince people and motivate them to adopt new processes or tools. Although project management principles are sometimes used in these situations, it is not an ideal solution. Fortunately, there is a Change Management methodology designed specifically for change management.

    "Change Management is the application of knowledge, skills, abilities, methodologies, processes, tools and techniques to move an individual or group from the present to the future to achieve the expected benefits and goals of the organization."

    If you are the one who should apply a larger change in the company, then you will certainly appreciate the knowledge and skills that the Change Management course will provide you. Thanks to a practical methodology based on the internationally recognized Standard for Change Management ©, we will offer you best practices for the successful implementation of change.

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    Target Audience

    If you are a manager who implements changes in the organization and is responsible for their successful implementation, then you will certainly appreciate the benefits of best practices summarized in our courses.

    You will master the theory and practice of professional change management. It includes working with goals and benefits, strategies for stakeholders, the actual implementation of change, the ability to assess readiness for change and respond to resistance to its adoption, support for the acceptance of change and related training.

    Typical graduates:

    • Project Portfolio Manager
    • Process Owner
    • Change Manager (Change Management Lead)
    • Project/Program Manager, Transformation/Transition Manager
    • Continuous Improvement Specialist
    • Business analyst, Change Agent
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    • Minimize the risks associated with a failed change
    • Maintain the involvement of all stakeholders throughout the transition
    • Draw on best practices to allow you to make a smooth change
    • Bring value to your organization as a capable (certified) change manager
    • Make it easier for employees to move to new conditions and help them adapt to the changed situation

    Our courses are based on best practices used in change management. Their mainstay is the internationally recognized Standard for Change Management©, created by the Association of Change Management Professionals® (ACPM®). It is supplemented by selected parts of the PMBOK® and BABOK®.

    The following activities and steps are key to the successful implementation of changes in the organization:

    • Create a strategy and plan for change
    • Implement, close and evaluate the change
    • Determine implementation and operational risks
    • Set sustainability criteria for the benefits of change
    • Define the target state to be achieved
    • Identify the effects of change and assess preparedness for it
    • Identify the need for change, analyze the requirements for it
    • Identify stakeholders and define their roles during change
    • Estimate the degree of acceptance of change and resistance to it at the level of individuals and groups
    • Ensure support for the change process by selecting appropriate procedures, techniques, tools and qualified people
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    By training in the Change Management methodology, you will gain knowledge and skills that will make change in your organization run smoothly. You can manage expectations, users' reluctance to change, and problematic information sharing.

    You will thoroughly understand the impact that the transition to the new situation will have - especially on employees. And you can make them with this change.

    As a result, people will accept the new situation faster and more efficiently, with less impact on productivity. As a result, your organization will be able to respond more flexibly to changes in market conditions, implement strategic initiatives, and adapt to new technologies.

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    Changes vs. Risks

    In principle, people are reluctant to accept new things, change their habits, adapt to change. They may not fully accept the novelty and start using it in their work.

    If the change is not implemented to the planned extent, the whole project will not deliver the expected results, its deadlines will not be met, and the costs for it will increase.

    Whether you are changing established processes, structures or technologies in the organization, whether the goal is to solve problems or take advantage of opportunities given by market change, the condition for success is always employees. If they are not willing to change their way of working and do not want to learn new things, the project cannot succeed.

    It is therefore necessary to prepare, support and motivate people. Plan the change perfectly and know its effects. Be aware of possible risks. Provide the right tools and teams to implement the change smoothly.

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    Change Management training

    You can either get acquainted with the Change Management methodology with us either or learn its principles in practice in full. The output of the complete course will be an internationally recognized certificate.

    The half-day managerial introduction will introduce you to the basic principles and techniques. In the Change Management Intro course, you will learn about the benefits of the methodology and understand the context of practical examples.

    You will get acquainted in detail with the methodology and practice its procedures. In the Change Management Foundation course, you will go through the individual steps of effective change management and try to apply the knowledge to real changes from your practice. Finally, you pass a certification exam with international validity.

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