DevOps Intro

DevOps Intro will show you the benefits of implementing software engineering principles as part of deploying applications to the Development and Operations pillars. Discover a unique approach to software development that supports communication, collaboration, and integration between developers and IT professionals.

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Target group

The DevOps Intro course is suitable for everyone who wants to use the potential of IT professionals in the position of Development or IT operations. We will introduce you to techniques that help companies achieve strategic goals from software deployment, through architecture to processes. 

Among the most frequent graduates are

  • IT consultants
  • Operations and Development Managers
  • All interested in the basics of IT management with DevOps
Target group

Course objectives

  • You will understand the principles and processes of DevOps
  • We will show you how to use Development + Operations 100>#/li###
  • You will learn basic work in Agile and Lean development environment

Benefits of DevOps

The popularity of DevOps is growing rapidly

DevOps is an integral part of the agile & lean approach. It emphasizes communication and collaboration between developers and IT support throughout the lifecycle of applications and services.

Key benefits
  • Better  software application development  in less time
  • DevOps deployment  grew at 66% last year and 74% this year
  • Demand  for DevOps positions has increased by 75% in the last 2 years 
  •  DevOps skills have gained 50% more members on the LinkedIn professional network  in the last year alone
Benefits of DevOps


13:00 – 14:30

Introduction to DevOps

  • Benefits
  • Agile enviroment
  • When and why DevOps
  • Principles and concepts

Planning and design

  • Lifecycle
  • Project Charter
  • User, Test & Operation story

14:30 – 14:45

Coffee break

14:45 – 17:00



Operation & Scaling

End of Life (product / Service)

DevOps MasterClass program

An introductory management course into the principles and processes of the life cycle of IT services according to DevOps.

  • Block duration 90 minutes
  • Hours 3 hours
  • Refreshments Yes
  • Exam No. Graduates will receive a certificate of completion of the course ISO 45001: 2018.
  • Prerequisites


Petr Valenta

Skills: tailoring best practices PRINCE2, Scrum, P3O, MSP a MoP včetně embedingu metodiky na konkrétní projekty. Zkušený coach, consultant, auditor voblasti realizace strategií a vedení lidí.


  • Agile consultant
  • Coach ICF / Auditor
  • Scrum Approved Trainer
  • PRINCE2 Approved Trainer
  • Accredited Consultant for PPM Portfolio
  • P3O trainer Project Program Portfolio Manager

Mia Filipi

Are women better managers than men. Women are indeed better manager than men. They are polite and compassionate to everyone need.

Mia has valuable experience as she spent nearly a full career in project management. Its clients include, for example, the Ministry of Justice, T-Mobile, HP, small and medium-sized companies, but you can also meet it at open courses.

No project is black-and-white, and by linking best practice the client gets real value.

  • 2013 - PRINCE2 Lead Trainer
  • 2012 - 2013 - Agile SCRUM Master / Trainer
  • 2009 - ISO 9001 / 27001 Lead Auditor

Graduate ratings

Excellent review from 161 reviewers

What makes our references exceptional? They are not one-off events. Clients come back to us regularly.

  • David J.
  • 25.10.20
  • Freelancer
  • GDPR Anonymizováno
  • 23.10.20

Spokojenost, uvedení do obrazu, seznámení se. Super.

  • GDPR Anonymizováno
  • 03.02.20
  • Wunderman


  • GDPR Anonymizováno
  • 03.02.20
  • Atlas Consulting

Oceňuji široký vhled do problematiky včetně řady přesahů.

  • Petr V.
  • 03.02.20
  • Atlas Consulting

Seznámil jsem se s něčím co je nového. Mám pro toto téma dobrý začátek.

  • Radek P.
  • 03.02.20
  • RTB House

Kurz splnil očekávání - Intro.

  • GDPR Anonymizováno
  • 03.02.20
  • Atlas Consulting

Šikovný lektor. Pěkně nachystaná prezentace.

  • Milan E.
  • 19.11.19
  • Freelancer

Rozsah kurzu odpovídal mému očekávání.

  • GDPR Anonymizováno
  • 19.11.19
  • Česká správa sociálního zabezpečení

Účel splněn, spokojenost.

  • GDPR Anonymizováno
  • 19.11.19
  • Česká správa sociálního zabezpečení

Skvělé shrnuté základní principy DevOps. Pro větší detail nutnost dalšího kurzu.

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