DevOps FAQ

DevOps is a new progressive certification on the market that helps you use resources efficiently. DevOps supports teamwork in the development and deployment of software, applications and services.


DevOps is used by organizations defacto from all industries and industries that depend on software, applications, web or cloud services.

DevOps is a modern way to effectively address software releases, applications, or updates. The methodology supports agile teamwork between the development department and the IT operation responsible for its deployment. It is between IT Operation and Development that most errors occur and the functioning of both divisions is in strong contrast.

An example of a stereotype that has a negative impact on the entire organization: Developers expect IT Operation to update applications as soon as they provide them with an update. However, IT operations are concerned that the update has not been tested and its deployment is risky. They ignore updates and prevent new systems.

The goal of DevOps is to change behavior by defining a framework for how the two groups should work together. Without these best practices, there are problems that harm users as well as the organization. At the same time, it needs to rely on its software to support the business, manage customer relationships and generate profit.

SCRUM, a methodology for agile project management, uses the DevOps accelerator to improve processes in the organization. It is a sophisticated use of agile best practices in the entire life cycle of the project / IT services.

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