What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has forever changed how companies attract customers and generate revenue. If you’re considering ways to boost your brand image, position your company in search rankings, or manage your social media presence, we're here to guide you.

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    The know-how can be successfully applied across your current role, assist you with a new role, or help you start your own business. On completion of our courses, you will walk away knowing SEM, SMM, SEO, content, strategy and campaign creation, optimisation and much more!


    Availability and low cost

    Traditional offline marketing, such as advertising on television, billboards or in the press, is too expensive and complicated for most small and medium-sized businesses.

    Online marketing offers a number of tools that do not cost a penny and only over time. Even most paid online marketing tools can be run on a very low budget.


    A big advantage of online marketing is a high degree of measurability.

    The results of advertising in a magazine or on a billboard are very difficult or not at all measurable. In online marketing, it is quite easy to measure the results of large marketing activities.

    Non-violent marketing

    Another advantage is a non-violent form of online marketing. Of course, showing people 20 times a day advertising for a product they don't show the least interest in is no less annoying than advertising on TV in the middle of a popular show.


    Nevertheless, online marketing in particular can be far more enjoyable and beneficial for potential customers. The ability to provide people with quality content on the web or by email. Offer a solution by offering them the following result in paid or unpaid searches.

    Digital Marketing Tools

    • SEO (search engine optimization) - the process of optimizing a website to appear as high as possible in unpaid search results.
    • PPC marketing - paid advertising in search and the content network, which includes in particular Google Ads, Seznam Sklik and Facebook advertising.
    • Content marketing - creation and promotion of quality content: blog, e-book, informative PDF for download, etc.
    • Marketing on social media - content creation and communication with supporters on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
    • E-mail marketing - communication with supporters of the company in the form of e-mails. If the content is quality and the emails are regular, email marketing is one of the most effective forms of online marketing.
    Digital Marketing Tools

    Digital Marketing Institute

    The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) helps marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, career changes, graduates and upskillers to get in the digital marketing game and stay in it. 

    DMI courses teach new best practices , informed by industry leaders and aligned with industry needs. The courses and memberships are globally recognized by leading digital brands, agencies, universities, etc.

    DMI provides a full set of digital powers to create strategic business channels and campaigns. By signing up for one of the DMI courses you also become a member of the DMI and have access to the network of 47k alumni and new insights which will help you stay connected and relevant.

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