List of frequently asked questions and answers on the topic of ITIL v3 and the transition to ITIL 4 (IT Infrastructure Library), including ITSM (IT Service Management). 


The acronym IT Infrastructure Library represents the know-how of best practices that organizations use to effectively manage IT Service Management. The main benefits include:

  • effective investment in IT
  • management system
  • increasing the availability and quality of services

Certainly not. ITIL as a framework can be used in organizations of all sizes, across disciplines. Many organizations use ITIL to increase process efficiency and productivity.

ITIL is constantly being developed and improved. This standard can be used as a whole or only individual parts. Tailoring the methodology is one of the main advantages for common use in real life.

Certainly not. ITIL Foundation is a necessary qualification prerequisite for every ITSM Manager. Without this knowledge of terminology, principles and processes, it is not possible to continue in more and more strategic modules.

Certainly not, leading companies like Disney, IBM, HP, Google and others use ITIL best practice. ITIL is still the most widely used standard for IT management.

It can definitely be recommended. These are not competitive standards, but on the contrary complementary methodologies. ITIL can thus become a backbone system for even more efficient use  SCRUMDevOps and others..


The basic language and terminology is always in English. The first assumptions will cover German, French, Japanese and Spanish. Other language versions will be published in 2019, including Czech (as soon as the information is confirmed by Axelos, we will publish).

In most cases, yes. Axelos recommends a new course because the syllabus and certification vary considerably. Although if you have 17 credits (or are close to this goal), we recommend that you complete the ITIL Managing Professional Transition module instead.

The ITIL 4 Foundation is now available (since February 2019). The ITIL Specialist, ITIL Strategist and ITIL Leader modules have been launched gradually in 2/2 of 2019. However, a question mark still hangs over the ITIL Master qualification.

The new version of ITIL 4 contains a number of proven principles and processes that are taken from ITIL v3. However, they are built into new modules and there are a number of other agile functions that streamline the management of IT services. Nevertheless, there are no identical modules between the two certification schemes.

This course will no longer be a separate module, however the techniques and principles of practical scenarios, which the ITIL Practitioner contains more than 80% will be added to the new ITIL 4 modules. ITIL® Practitioner is also suitable for obtaining the necessary credits in the Axelos certification mode. If you get 17 of them, you are entitled to the ITIL Managing Professional Transition Module without the need to pass the MALC exam.

No. The ITIL v3 Foundation exams will be available until June 2020 and will not be terminated until 6 months after their announcement of termination. So the transition will be gradual and will allow graduates to complete the qualification according to the credits in the ITIL v3 scheme so that they meet the ITIL Managing Professional qualification.

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