ITIL® Assessment

The ITIL® Assessment is a tool that organizations can use to objectively and comprehensively assess their service management capabilities and the maturity of the organization’s Service Value System (SVS).

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Target Audience

This workshop is intended for TOP managers, members of project offices and senior managers who are interested in quickly and effectively finding out what the state of the organization's SVS is in comparison with proven best-practices approaches.

With the structured method (powered by Axelos) you will develop the current maturity of key and supporting areas. You will get an objective review of strengths, weaknesses, as well as measures and priorities for more effective management.

With the ITIL Assessment you can assess and compare current performance and plan more effectively than ever before. From the position of project manager, director, sponsor, top management or investor.

ITIL Assessment is intended for:

  • Organization's Management
  • Audit & Assurance Managers
  • IT Service Managers
tayllorcox itil assessment

ITIL Assessment

There are 3 types of assessments that have been defined by AXELOS. They are:

  • Comprehensive Assessment – The evaluation of 7 or more practices as well as the components of the ITIL Service Value System
  • Capability Assessment – The assessment of selected practices but does not include the SVS components
  • Maturity Assessment – The review of the SVS components and up to 6 practices

Capability & Maturity Levels

The purpose of Continual Improvement is to ensure service and products align – and remain aligned – to the Business continuously. An ITIL Maturity Assessment provides you the information needed to establish a baseline for your continual improvement needs as well as measure yourself after improvement plans have been implemented. Assessments are a critical component to every continual improvement program. 

  • Level 0: The practice lacks any basic capability; its purpose is not achieved
  • Level 1: The practice is not well organized; it’s performed as initial/intuitive. It may occasionally or partially achieve its purpose through an incomplete set of activities
  • Level 2: The practice systematically achieves its purpose through a basic set of activities supported by specialized resources
  • Level 3: The practice is well defined and achieves its purpose in an organized way, using dedicated resources and relying on inputs from other practices that are integrated into a service management system
  • Level 4: The practice achieves its purpose in a highly organized way, and its performance is continually measured and assessed in the context of the service management system
  • Level 5: The practice is continually improving organizational capabilities associated with its purpose
  • Level 1 – Initial: Work is completed, but the purpose and objectives of the SVS in scope are not always achieved 
  • Level 2 – Managed: Planning and performance measurement take place, and the purpose and objectives of the SVS in scope are repeatedly achieved, although not in a standardized way
  • Level 3 – Defined: Organization-wide standards provide guidance across the SVS
  • Level 4 – Quantitative: The SVS is data driven, with quantitative performance improvement
  • Level 5 – Optimizing: The SVS is optimized and focused on continual improvement


Cost savings

More efficient use of budgets

Ensuring benefits

You will have better control over the realization of benefits.

Higher quality

The quality of ITSM will improve.

Lean management

Process integration eliminates unnecessary bureaucracy.

Higher satisfaction

Satisfaction enhancement is another of ITIL Assessment's external outputs.

Return on investment

Accelerate your return on investment.

Tailored Solution

ITIL Maturity Model and Assessment is tailored to IT.

Measurable levels

Strengths will be stronger, but above all you will improve your weaknesses.

Constant improvement

With ITIL Assessment you will measurably improve your skills.


09:00 – 10:30

ITIL Assessment - Approach & Evidence

  • Capability Assessment
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Comprehensive Assessment

Evidence gathering

  • Document Review
  • Key Stakeholder Interviews
  • Systems and Records Review
  • Surveys
  • Direct Observation

10:30 – 10:45

Coffee Break

10:45 – 12:15

ITIL Audit

Maturity Assessment Scoring

  • Levels 1 - 5

12:15 – 13:15


13:15 – 14:45

Capability Assessment Scoring

  • Levels 0 - 5

14:45 – 17:00

Presenting results

  • Audit output
  • Current status
  • Weaknesses / strengths

Summary and conclusion

The ITIL Maturity Model does not evaluate an organization’s adoption of or adherence to ITIL guidance. It assesses an organization’s service management capabilities regardless of the ITSM guidance or best practices referenced.

  • Block duration 45 minutes
  • Hours 8 hours
  • Refreshments Yes
  • Exam No

ITIL Assessor

Ivan Gašparovič

Professional ITIL, Agile, Project (PRINCE2, PMI), Programme, Portfolio Manager. 


We have obtained the ITIL Consulting Partner licence from Axelos

TAYLLORCOX holds an official license of an audit company. Qualified and authorized by the owner of the Axelos methodology for the implementation of ITIL assessments and certification audits. Audits that mean more than just getting a prestigious certification.
  • Access to the full official version of the ITIL assessment
  • Improvement of ITIL methodology with the help of ITIL Maturity Model
  • Top independent assessment and management system recommendation
  • Use of professional know-how and intellectual property of Axelos
  • Exclusive output reporting and benchmarking, including draft measures
  • High standard of audit quality in the field of IT Service Management and ITIL

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