P3M3 in the latest version allows you to analyze a much greater depth of effectiveness of projects, programs and portfolios (PPM). It also brings the ability to diagnose PPM problems and report more accurate data about the functioning of the organization. The P3M3 model allows managers and end users to clearly identify the good and bad aspects, while showing what is needed to improve performance and achieve expected results.

P3M3® Intro

Introduction to P3M3: Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management Maturity Model

TAYLLLORCOX is AXELOS Consulting Partner (ACP) licensed by AXELOS to provide consulting services in the Global Best Practice Portfolio and deliver the certified and diagnostic assessments for the P3M3® Maturity Model.

P3M3 Assessment

A comprehensive tool for measuring the maturity of projects, programs and portfolio management

P3M3 allows the following approaches: (1) Self-assessment; (2) Full certification assessment; (3) Full assessment - further diagnostic

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