P3O® Certification

The P3O certification scheme from Axelos currently offers two levels. Basic P3O® Foundation certification course (3 days) and a follow-up course for advanced P3O® Practitioner (2 days), which deepens the knowledge acquired at the Foundation level. P3O® Intro je is a 1/2 day managerial cross-section of methodology without a certification exam.

    P3O<sup class='sup'>®</sup> Certification

    P3O® Intro

    Fundamentals of project, program and portfolio management without certification

    The benefit of our courses is the award of certificates, the so-called P3O Certificate of Attendance. The training diploma is issued under the heading ATO (Accredited Training Organization) TAYLLORCOX.

    • no certification exam
    • certificate of attendance issued immediately after the training
    • We recommend a follow-up course P3O® Foundation

    P3O® Intro course >

    P3O<sup class='sup'>®</sup> Intro

    P3O® Foundation

    The purpose of the P3O® Foundation exam is to demonstrate that the graduate has sufficient knowledge of the methodology, principles, and model of the Project Program Portfolio. It thus meets the prerequisites for working in P3O Office.

    The P3O Foundation certification is intended for anyone who wants to master the terminology and key concepts that are the basis for project, program and portfolio management. This level is also a qualification criterion for the follow-up practitioner.

    Thematic areas of certification
    • High Level P3O
    • Key features and services of P3O
    • Reasons for P3O implementation
    • How to choose the right model and concept of P3O
    • The difference between Projects, Programs and Portfolio
    • Implement or restart P3O Office
    • Definition of roles, responsibilities, tools and techniques

    P3O Foundation course >

    P3O<sup class='sup'>®</sup> Foundation

    P3O® Practitioner

    For the P3O® Practitioner exam, the graduate must demonstrate that he / she has acquired sufficient knowledge and skills in the course to design, implement, and manage any P3O office. The training itself will prepare you for other certification questions related to the roles, functions, tools and techniques used in various P3O models.

    This certification is intended for everyone who wants to have an active role in any P3O office model. This level is suitable for those who want to move from the role of project, program, or portfolio manager to the position of management, which is responsible for the strategy and concept of operation of the Project Program Portfolio Office. This course is intended for other roles in management and does not require knowledge of PRINCE2, MSP, MoP methodologies.

    Topics of the High Level Performance exam
    • How to plan a P3O implementation
    • How to choose the most suitable roles for filling the P3O structure
    • Selection of techniques, tools and best practices for the management of Projects, Programs, Portfolios
    • How to create a Business Case that is required for approval by Senior Management
    • How to identify and select the most suitable P3O competency model with regard to the needs, size, nature of projects, programs

    P3O Practitioner course >

    P3O<sup class='sup'>®</sup> Practitioner


    Eduard Pitka

    Project & Program & Portfolio Auditor & Lead Trainer

    Author of many practical materials and templates for these and other methodologies from the Best Management Practice portfolio - Axelos, awarded EXIN Platinum Partner

    • 2018 - P3M3 Assesor
    • 2014 - MoP Approved Trainer
    • 2010 - PRINCE2, MSP Approved Trainer
    • 2007 - Senior Project Manager / Consultant

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