What is TOGAF®

Enterprise, or organizational architecture is the workflow, process drawing and design of the architecture that we need to compile a detailed specification, mapping business requirements, or design the necessary functionalities that we expect from ICT.

    What is TOGAF<sup class='sup'>®</sup>

    EA Foundations

    Fundamentals of Enterprise Architecture

    IT applications connect the application architecture with the business architecture (business requirements), thus forming the Enterprise Architecture (EA). A functional and efficiently built EA is increasingly crucial for the competitiveness of companies. Reason? The aim is to automate, streamline and optimize processes so that the company is able to do more with less cost.

    Enterprise, or in the Czech environment also often called "enterprise information architecture" focuses on the design, implementation and development of architecture so that the organization is able to effectively address customer needs (in the environment of public governance) and implement the goals.

    With the Enterprise Architecture framework, you can demonstrably improve your ability to analyze, plan, communicate, and manage changes in your product portfolio, optimize processes, applications, and adapt your infrastructure to your organization's needs.

    EA Foundations

    Benefits of TOGAF®

    Managers realized the need to strategically manage and plan IT development

    And in connection with the strategic goals and needs of the company. TOGAF®presents best practices (methodology) that will help you in many life situations. These are mainly cases:

    • upgrade of existing IT services, applications
    • system optimization, performance increase, security
    • but also building new systems, architecture from AZ.
    Benefits of TOGAF<sup class='sup'>®</sup>

    TOGAF® vs. ArchiMate®


    They use managers as a "manual", respectively. best practice for the design of Enterprise Architecture together with Archimate® - supporting modeling language; both standards belong to the internationally accredited programs "The Open Group Architecture". In addition, the latest Archimate 2.0 update, together with TOGAF 9.x, has integrated state-of-the-art EA knowledge.


    The latest version of Archimate® is even more tied to TOGAF®. Organizations will get an excellent tool for designing an architecture that further connects "business" with IT. You will learn to effectively analyze costs, better plan and implement changes (change management), program management, outsourcing of resources, but also portfolio management.

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