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TOGAF® is the name of The Open Group Architecture Framework. The most popular open and freely distributable framework for the design and development of Enterprise Architecture. This library is owned by The Open Group.

Enterprise Architecture (enterprise architecture, EA, etc.) is a general term for methods, roadmaps, diagrams, processes, and products. With their help, you can model the current state of the organization (the position where you are, how you work). Knowledge of the most widespread TOGAF library will allow you to create a goal: The future model / form of the organization - a more efficient and better management system. Finally, the greatest value of the TOGAF framework is that with its help you plan the transition from the current state to the better / expected.

The added value of the best-known model for Enterprise Architecture TOGAF is its ability to reconcile managerial, business, operational and data (IT) information / processes, making your organization faster, more flexible and more efficient. This results in reduced costs, redundancy, increased efficiency and effectiveness not only of IT but of the entire organization.

Not only IT managers, but also top management and CEOs are aware that the key to building a successful organization is an effective infrastructure, respectively. enteprise architecture.

Building an EA, for example with the TOGAF framework, will help you maintain a balance between effective IT and innovation in your organization. IT will be in synergy with the entire organization, at all levels. Enterprise Architecture helps you align strategic goals with what organizations expect from IT.

Key technical benefits include: reduced IT complexity, administration and development costs, better interoperability, faster procurement and evaluation of IT development procurement without compromising architectural interconnectedness.

The main benefit and reason to use TOGAF is the fact that it is the only one that allows organizations to create an (EA) enterprise architecture that integrates and aligns organizational interests (people, processes, technology and infrastructure), IT architecture (data and applications) and information systems with elastic but in a robust way.

The TOGAF library provides precise step-by-step instructions on what to do. This framework can also be used to address specific projects and needs within an organization. And what is also important, it can be used in conjunction with standards such as ITIL, PRINCE2, MSP, MoP, ISMS, ITSM, MoR.

No. The complex architecture of TOGAF® allows it to be used on large projects. Smaller organizations or less complex projects use only those parts of the TOGAF® library that have immediate added value for the organization. Also popular is "tailoring", resp. TOGAF® customization and specific needs.

Forget about elearning. We do not recommend self-study either. At TOGAF courses, much more than anywhere else depends on the coach's experience and ability to demonstrate the use and benefits of EA in practice.

TOGAF® is a set of managerial, not IT techniques. Although some trainers have top education and certification in IT, they lack a managerial view, which is the key to a successful deployment of architecture. Come and see for yourself the qualities of a coach and teaching. You will see why TOGAF® courses from TAYLLORCOX have ratings ★★★★★

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