We present the best of cyber security courses for those who want to stand out from the crowd. You will learn the techniques, principles, and tools used in penetration testing and network vulnerability testing.


Gain a managerial overview of hacking, scanning, attacks and vulnerabilities

An introductory management course designed primarily for all those interested in ethical hacking, but also roles whose main area is not cyber security: project managers, enterprise architects, managers responsible for IT management. 

EC Council - Fundamentals

Certified Ethical Hacking & Fundamentals

Defeating a hacker means thinking like a hacker

Immerse yourself in the life of a real hacker. Practical approach to mastering ethical hacking. Only 10% of theory and 90% of practice. You will experience a completely different way of gaining knowledge. You will hack, scan, test fictitious company systems. You will use the acquired knowledge to secure your own systems. This course is ranked in the TOP 10 key skills for IT Security. Ethical Hacking is a new way to achieve optimal information and cyber security.

Pen Testing

Penetration testing courses

Learn how to perform an effective penetration test in an enterprise network environment that must be attacked, exploited, evaded, and defended.

Application Security

Application security training and certification programmes provide a comprehensive application security approach.

Incident Handling

Prepare to Handle and Respond to Security Incidents

Comprehensive specialist-level programmes that imparts knowledge and skills that organizations need to effectively handle post breach consequences

Network Security

A continually adaptive comprehensive security strategy

A comprehensive approach to effectively deal with security issues in today’s modern network


Executive Management, Computer Forensics, Disaster Recovery, Encryption

More courses by International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, also known as EC-Council, the world’s largest cyber security technical certification body.


Practical workshops for ethical hackers, auditors and security professionals.


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