Cybersecurity for Businesses

Discover ways in which your organization can have a layered security system. Protect your business and customer ensuring they are secure from cyber breaches. Learn to identify, manage and mitigate cyber risks in your business.

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Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to build a career in this field
  • Students and professionals who have basic knowledge about cybersecurity
  • Small Business Owners wanting to improve their security practices
  • CIOs, IT Directors / Managers who want to take security measures for their company

Target Audience

Course objectives

  • Learn how to protect your business from data leaks.
  • Prepare risk mitigation plan for identified risks and threats.
  • Learn how to invest in cybersecurity infrastructure for your business.

The importance of cybersecurity is rapidly increasing with increase in data breaches. 

It is important to protect business’s sensitive data from being leaked due to poor IT infrastructure. Cyber threats can come from any level of your organization. 

It has become important for small businesses to educate their staff about various ways in which they can be attacked. Your company can either be the one that has been breached or is going to be breached. 

Course content

Identify business critical data and determine the risk associated.

Determine the risk for small scale businesses.

Perform mitigation procedures using tools like insurance and testing.

Understand the Risk Management needed to protect the business.

Identify key risks and threats to the business.

Understand basic of cyber insurance.

Course content

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