Business Simulation

Professional Business Simulations, or serious games, are interactive workshops in which teams of employees work on challenging issues within a simulated environment. The environment can be the same or a totally different context to the 'normal' working environment. Each delegate takes an active role in simulation game to practice real life scenarios and gain experience.


ITIL is the most adopted and recognized body of knowledge for ITSM. ITIL defines IT service management

APOLLO 13. Simulation, prepares your IT team for any successful ITSM project.

IT4IT & IT 4 Business

Business & IT Alignment in Action | Powered by Knowledge Management

How can IT align with the business to make sure the business becomes successful. How can IT manage the continually changing demands for new IT (deliver value and outcomes), without negatively impacting existing services and capabilities (costs and risks) for the business?

Agile + Waterfall

PRINCE2, Agile and SCRUM are the most powerful project management methodologies.

Learn how to apply Project Management best practices and learn the essence of Prince2®, PMI®, PMBOK®How to ensure the business case is realized. How to stay customer focused and set the right priorities based on customer requirements. Develop communication and team competences.


​​Learn more about how to increase business value​

How to experience how DevOps can bring serious value to your business?

Lean Six Sigma

Apply Lean Six Sigma in practice - The CarWorks simulation game!

Do you want to use Lean and Six Sigma for successful project management? A number of simulations await you for these and other scenarios, thanks to which you will gain new experience and the skills of the entire team will grow.

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